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The Forge of Humanity

The Forge of Humanity is a Call of Cthulhu game based in the fictional town of New Oxford. The start date in-game is Monday July 10, 1950.

Warning: This game will be graphic and difficult. It is highly likely that PCs will die. Backup characters are encouraged. If you wish to make one in advance, make a character page for it. Don’t be surprised if that character shows up before they become a PC. (You will role play them if this is the case.)

And remember: You are an insignificant particle on a forgotten petri dish in a cosmic laboratory run by insane idiots. When you die, the universe as a whole will neither notice nor care. There is no afterlife. Your lives are pointless, hopeless, and accidental. All will atrophy and die, meaning your life has no lasting impact whatsoever. Have fun! =)

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